What changes occur in ageing eyelids?

There are certain changes we can see in people’s eyelids/brows as they age. Your Oculoplastic surgeon will be able to identify these when considering treatment of age related conditions or in planning periocular rejuvenation.

Loss of volume:

As we get older we see the ‘plumpness’ of our features diminish. With regard to the periocular region, the brows deflate and the space between the brows and upper eyelids hollows. Deflation of the brows can cause and/or be associated with drooping of the brows. It is important for your Oculoplastic Surgeon to recognise this and discuss addressing this when planning periocular rejuvenation.

Skin Changes:

Skin loses its elasticity with age. Eyelid skin stretches, sags and can become wrinkled. Options for addressing these changes include surface treatments, such as laser and peels, and/or more interventional treatments such as blepharoplasty surgery.

Irritable, tired eyes…

Irritable, tired eyes are often a consequence of drying, i.e. having an inadequate ‘tear film’. There are two important factors when considering your ‘tear film’:

1. The volume of tears produced

2. The stability of the tear film

Your Ophthalmologist will be able to determine which or, quite often, if both of these factors need addressing to cure your symptoms.

A low volume of tears can be treated with artificial tear supplementation or occlusion of tear drainage. An unstable tear film is often caused by eyelid margin inflammation (blepharitis) which can be treated with eyelid margin cleaning, omega 3 supplements e.g. flax seed oil, and occasionally oral antibiotics e.g. doxycycline.