Look older than you feel?

As our lifespans continue to extend we often begin to look older than we feel.

Hooding of the upper eyelids, dark circles and bags under eyes are common complaints that many of us experience from our 30s onwards. There are now many surgical and non surgical interventions that can be used to manage these problems. Sometimes the most obvious course of action is not the best. Hooding of upper eyelids may be caused by excess skin in the upper eyelids so removal of this skin may be helpful; however, the hooding may be caused by a droop or deflation of the eyebrows. In the latter scenario, a non surgical brow lift may be the answer.

What is Botox®?

Botox® is Allergan’s (a drug company) registered trademark for a form of botuliunum toxin. It has come to be synonymous for all forms of botulinum toxins in many people’s minds – much like ‘Hoover’, ‘Sellotape’ etc….

Botulinum toxin is extremely useful in managing frown lines (between the eyebrows) and crows feet (around the outer corner of the eyes). The drug can also be used to treat other muscular spasms and tics. In selected cases a brow lift can be achieved using this drug alone, reducing upper eyelid hooding without resorting to surgery.